A brief history of Alresford Creek Boat Owners

Alresford creek was once a commercial waterway with barges loading gravel and sand from the overhead cableway, the remains of which can be seen just downstream from the ford. The mouth of the creek was spanned by a swing bridge over which ran the railway from Wivenhoe to Brightlingsea. The supports are still clearly visible on each side of the creek mouth.

With the demise of the barging trade and the railway, the creek started a new chapter in it’s history. Leisure vessels established moorings and the numbers started to increase to unmanageable levels. On the 1st of May 1976 a group of boat owners formed the Alresford Creek Boat Owners Association, with a view to regulating and protecting the creek from over exploitation. Over the years, moorings were limited and guidelines developed with interested parties to  help to conserve the creek as a special place.

In 2018 the association merged with the Alresford Boat Owners Cooperative which was formed to purchase the sheds, which had previously been leased to a group of members, for storage and maintenance of boats.

With Alresford Creek Boat Owners Cooperative as the managing group, the vision of the founding members continues.

“To provide affordable storage, moorings other facilities and services for boat owners in the local area.”