Moorings & Working party 6th November


ACBO intends to buy the materials for laying 6 fore and aft moorings in the creek. The cost is going to be £580 per fore and aft mooring.

ACBO will contribute to this cost £150 thus reducing the cost to £430. This includes the sinker attached to 1.5m chain that attaches to rope up to the surface that attaches to the mooring buoy, It also includes the cost of burying the sinker. The strops that attach the boat to the buoy are NOT included in this.

If you are interested in paying for one of these newly laid moorings, please let us know. Once the mooring is in use by you, the sole responsibility for maintenance will be down to you. This is the case even though ACBO has supplied the materials and commissioned the laying of the mooring.

The reason for this decision is that many moorings are falling into disrepair, and some have disappeared completely. This may seem like a big outlay, but for 10 years peace of mind, and a secure mooring, it works out at £43 per year.


SATURDAY NOVEMBER 6th 2021         11am until dark!

There will be refreshments at coffee break, and lunch break, and the bonfire will be lit later when bacon and sausage rolls provided. This is to dispose of the accumulated pile at the back of the West shed.

Group 1       To cut out and prepare suitable wheels for sinkers, possibly to weld rebar to attach chain.        I/C           BRIAN SINCLAIR

Group 2       To assist with guttering repairs.                               I/C      Anthony Vickers

Group 3       Clearing the area between North and South sheds         I/C     Steve Watts

Group 4       Begin roofing the roofless shed on North side      I/C      Peter Hyett

Bonfire                                                                                     I/C      Paul Killick

Refreshments                                                                            I/C      Bill and Bren

Possibly not all of the above will take place, but it will depend upon the number of people that can turn up. IF YOU THINK YOU CAN TURN UP PLEASE CAN YOU LET ME KNOW FOR CATERING PURPOSES

Looking forward to seeing people once more at the sheds, after a couple of weird years.


Brenda (ACBO Secretary)

Events update

Our next event is on July 17 th. We meet READY to lock in to the basin at Heybridge at 5pm on that day. Currently 5 boats are booked in.

Food arrangements are different this year as the Jolly Sailor is unable to take our booking.

Dave Hayes has offered to collect either fish and chips, or Chinese from the Heybridge China Garden, and deliver it to us shortly after 7pm.

You need to contact Dave directly with your order. They need a couple of days notice, so let Dave know your Chinese order with the numbers and descriptions from the Chinese menu that is available on line. Keep a record of the price of your food and pay Dave cash on the day. If you’re a fish and chip person, make sure you specify what fish you require.

Our last event is the Bradwell laying up cruise on 25 th September (HW 3.30) and whilst it seems a long way off, bookings are essential, and Dave Hayes would like to know which boats are going. Food is in the pub at the Green Man, and they will need to know numbers too. Contact Dave Hayes directly to confirm booking.

2021 Events

We have 3 bookings confirmed and the dates venues and tide times are below.

JUNE 12 th                         Tollesbury marina               HW 14.25 BST
JULY 17 th                         Heybridge basin                  HW 18.01 BST

Laying up cruise
SEPTEMBER 25th             Bradwell                             HW 15.35 BST

This is a bit of a reduced calendar, owing to the restrictions, but to have 3 venues is excellent. Thanks to Dave Hayes for getting us this far.

Dave will want to confirm with marinas the numbers and with the pubs / club houses for dinner.

Please phone Dave if you are going to any of the above. ( Obviously weather or other circumstances may cause last minute cancellations, but we need a starting point)

Dave needs:
Skipper name and phone number
Boat name
Boat length
Boat beam
Number of persons booking for dinner from your boat.

Filming in the Creek

The filming that was scheduled to take place at the creek, is now due to begin. The crew are already down there making changes to surroundings to suit the period of the series. Today most of the boats, that were potentially in shot, have now been relocated for a couple of weeks .
This is just a heads up for you in case you visit the creek from 7th April for about 10 days. It will probably be very congested. I hope this doesn’t interfere too much with your boating plans, and hope we can all get out there and enjoy a summer sailing season soon.

Update March 29th 2021

Acting on RYA guidance, the shed site will reopen for sailing, rowing, paddling and boat maintenance on March 29th.
We will not be able to use the communal facilities until later on. Hot water and antibacterial soap is available if required. The RYA advises that single handed sailing and with a crew from the same bubble or household is permitted.  If you intend to sail with any other crew, please refer to the RYA guidance.

Please continue to observe social distancing, respecting the personal space required for safe working.

RYA advice and FAQ:- Click here

RYA Summary Chart:-Click here