ACBOC Sheds working party

SATURDAY 28th April 9.00AM is a working party day to take place at the sheds at the creek. This year we are proposing 3 days on the calendar, 2 at the end of the season, and this one fast approaching.

The plan is to tidy up indoors and outdoors so that the sheds and the surrounding area can be used in the most advantageous way, for boat storage, renovation, launching and laying up.

Jobs that will be happening are:

Completely clearing out the middle shed.
Wiring work has been going on throughout the winter and there is still more cable clipping to do inside.
Hedges and brambles will need to be hacked back again, before they completely overgrow last years efforts. Also a quantity of hard core needs to be moved.

If you can help on this day, it may well be helpful if you bring what you need for the jobs E.g. PPE, Barrows, snips, working gloves etc. There is a limited range of tools on site.

Hope to see you there.

One thought on “ACBOC Sheds working party

  1. Firstly, whilst the shed clearing was spectacular, it failed to turn up a missing seagull outboard engine. We know it was in the sheds quite recently, and it has distinctive yellow paint on the prop blades.
    Any info on this please email me. I think there’s every chance someone has seen it, and the owner would very much like to find it again.

    MANY MANY THANKS to the crew that arrived with toolboxes, hedge cutters, and functioning upper body strength. The clearing and maintenance planned was achieved, and more besides. It provided gossip time, and opportunities for suggestions regarding further improvements at the sheds, all absorbed for future implementation.
    Hopefully the bacon butties were sufficient fuel for the workers.

    LOOK OUT FOR AN EXTRA DATE FOR FURTHER SHED CLEARING FUN! I’ll email any further dates that are not already on the calendar.

    Next social meeting is at Wivenhoe sailing club at 8 pm on May 7th.

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