Working Party Sunday 2/9/18

Just a reminder about the sheds working party at the weekend.

There are a few jobs that are in need of tackling this weekend.
Current list of possibles
1) Moving hard core into furthest corner of the plot. Smashing it into small pieces.
2) Seeing if the benches in the west shed can be moved (emptied, cleared and dismantled)
3) Refitting benches in the “cleared shed from last working party day”
4) Clearing rubbish ( Saturday) Bill and I will meet and give a hand.
5) Mixing some cement to fill cracks in South wall.
6) Weeding and hoeing around front of sheds, and concrete surfaces.
7) Extracting a galvanised tank from North side of sheds with a view to cutting it into sizes to cover remaining open drain on north side of sheds.
8) Sweep out sheds.

With these jobs in mind, bring gloves, hoes, snips, wheelbarrows?? ( There are a couple there and we’ll bring one.) Anything you have that will help you with any of the above jobs.
Look forward to seeing you.
Bacon rolls to be provided, with tea and coffee.


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