Corona Virus – Covid 19 Update

To All Members of Alresford Creek Boat Owner’s Cooperative (ACBO)

The Coronavirus pandemic poses a real threat to each and every one of us and risks overwhelming our health service. This means that regretfully life and leisure pursuits that we are used to and are important to us cannot continue as normal for the time being. The management committee has had an email discussion about what this means for ACBO and agreed the following :

In order to save lives and protect the community from the Coronavirus the ACBO management committee has decided that the Boat Shed premises at Alresford Creek will be closed and out of bounds until further notice.

It is inappropriate to potentially put unnecessary pressure on the emergency services by engaging in non–essential activities ( eg boating and associated activities).

CCTV will remain in operation and the neighbours of the Sheds will be asked to keep an eye out and report any problems to avoid anyone having to travel there on a regular basis.

A committee member will only attend the sheds if there is a report of an emergency.

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