No Social meeting in June

1)  There will be no social meeting on Monday 6th June as it’s Jubilee weekend and also ACBO first cruise of the season. Next meeting to be held on July 4 th at WSC.

2) PLEASE WASH OFF TRAILERS AFTER launch and recovery, as left in salt water they will seize up. The Spring storms moved boats onto the saltings, and dragged unstable moorings from their locations.

PLEASE take responsibility for checking your mooring tackle for wear, and moor your boat on suitable lines that are up to the job.

Helpful members have moved boats and given their time to help others, but many mishaps can be avoided with proper maintenance. Gradually boats are getting launched, and we are looking forward to a better season.

3)  REMEMBER, Keeping your boat at the sheds or moored in the creek is dependent upon YOU having at least 3rd party insurance. Please make sure you have this in place.

Look forward to seeing you at either an ACBO cruise or at the social meeting in July.

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