Brightlingsea Harbour Tips

Some local information.

1) Its good to know there is a fuel pontoon in Brightlingsea, but it works well with prior arrangement, Either by phoning the harbour or radioing ahead with reasonable notice. On busy harbour days it may not be manned.

2) If you need a berth in Brightlingsea radio ahead (CH 68) or phone (01206 302200) (mob 07981 450169) and you will be met and shown to your berth. All prices and water taxi prices and times are on the harbour website. The Brightlingsea harbour App is very useful with tide tables that will serve Alresford creek as the tide there is high very  shortly after the Brightlingsea high tide.

3) The Brightlingsea public pontoon is free to use for picking up and dropping off crew or passengers. The waiting time is 15 minutes. If the space is empty feel free to approach. if there are boats waiting patience may be needed. Sometimes a barge will be dropping passengers and this may also take a bit of time as they have limited manoeuvrability. Again Ch 68 will help you to check things out.

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