Dear ACBO Members,

Just to update you on our restrictions in TIER 4 that may affect our members. The guidelines suggest that travel for planned maintenance on your boat is NOT permitted in tier 4. 

Boating can go ahead as long as you stick to the rule of social distancing. NO overnight stays on boats that are not primary residences.

Please keep yourself updated on government guidelines as they change. 

Information is available on RYA website, Brightlingsea harbour website, and Environment Agency waterways (covid 19) update 23rd December 2020.


Brenda McKee (ACBO Secretary)

The RYA continues to urge us to be cautious and considerate.  Please think carefully about the all the risks to yourself and others including those caused by the new variant of the virus in any boating activities that you undertake

More information about all tiers can be found on this link.

Guidance on what is possible in each English tier

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