Christmas Message from the Chair

It is difficult to think of anything new to say about 2020 and as the year draws to a close the immediate future doesn’t seem to get any brighter. I know quite a few of you have been badly hit by the difficulties COVID 19 has caused whether that is for your own or your family’s  health and wellbeing.  However we have the promise of an effective vaccination and life gradually getting back to normal.

Quite a few members got their boats out and managed some great trips in the good weather that this summer brought – it was good to hear about those cruises in spite of feeling a tiny bit envious!  

As well as boating a huge amount of work has gone on at the sheds; amongst many, many improvements – a lot of tidying and sorting, boat and trailer moving, ground clearance and levelling and at last the crumbling roof vents removed and transparent roof panels inserted. The sheds have been transformed from when we first bought them in 2016 into light, airy, dry space for keeping boats with lots of level space outside for keeping boats. Thanks to all those who spent so many hours toiling to make the sheds better for everyone.

Committee and volunteers have also had to pay attention to boats on moorings, notably two boats found drifting having broken free from their moorings. We have drawn up a new agreement for members which we will be much stricter about to get people to stick to the letter of the law.

We continue to work with the Borough Council on the Mooring Agreement and anticipate a new agreement to be in place for the spring of 2021.

Well a massive thanks to the committee and volunteers who have done so much to keep ACBO thriving through 2020 – enjoy Christmas as much as you can and look forward to an actual boating season for 2021!!!

Keith Phillips



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