Covid 19 Update November 2020

The most recent restrictions due to Covid that have been announced by the government are going to affect activity at the ACBOC boatsheds.

The kitchen area will be out of use with the exception of hand washing. Please bring any refreshment you need with you.

A notice will go up on the shed doors to remind members that:
1) You should only travel to do essential work or check on your boat .
2) If you are at the sheds you should practice the social distancing from others that has been advised by the government. This means no meeting in groups.
3) You must respect space around other shed users that may be there.
4) Please wash your hands regularly and where possible wipe down locks and doors that may have been touched.

Regards Brenda McKee ( ACBOC Secretary)

Social meetings

Just to let you know that this Monday 5th October, there will not be a social meeting. Wivenhoe sailing club is unable to host us with the current lockdown rules, and we will let you know when our monthly meetings will start up again.



Please understand the importance of checking the underwater parts of your moorings. Not just at the start of the season, but also during the season.

Chains wear and corrode, and ropes chafe and fray. One boat broke free during the storm last Friday, With the storm season approaching it is concerning, that moorings may not have been checked or refurbished recently.

Notice to mariners

URGENT : Local Notice to Mariners for 26th September – 10th October 2020
Please find attached a local notice to mariners for work that APEM Ltd. will be completing
in the intertidal areas of the River Colne and Blackwater Estuary between 26th September
– 10th October 2020. It relates to the position of fyke nets which will be in situ for a 12hr
tidal cycle

Read the full notice here:

Laying up cruise

The laying up cruise is booked in to Bradwell marina and The Green Man for October 3rd. If you would like to join us on this cruise please speak to Dave Hayes, or text him to let him know your boat name, length and beam and draught. Also let him know numbers who would like to eat at the Green Man, with the Covid precautions in place. 

It’s a shame that our only cruises this year have been to Bradwell, but our earlier trip was very enjoyable, and it’s well worth a repeat. Difficulties with booking Heybridge and Tollesbury this year have removed them from this year’s calendar. Hopefully next season will be different.