Dear ACBO Members,

Just to update you on our restrictions in TIER 4 that may affect our members. The guidelines suggest that travel for planned maintenance on your boat is NOT permitted in tier 4. 

Boating can go ahead as long as you stick to the rule of social distancing. NO overnight stays on boats that are not primary residences.

Please keep yourself updated on government guidelines as they change. 

Information is available on RYA website, Brightlingsea harbour website, and Environment Agency waterways (covid 19) update 23rd December 2020.


Brenda McKee (ACBO Secretary)

The RYA continues to urge us to be cautious and considerate.  Please think carefully about the all the risks to yourself and others including those caused by the new variant of the virus in any boating activities that you undertake

More information about all tiers can be found on this link.

Guidance on what is possible in each English tier

Christmas Message from the Chair

It is difficult to think of anything new to say about 2020 and as the year draws to a close the immediate future doesn’t seem to get any brighter. I know quite a few of you have been badly hit by the difficulties COVID 19 has caused whether that is for your own or your family’s  health and wellbeing.  However we have the promise of an effective vaccination and life gradually getting back to normal.

Quite a few members got their boats out and managed some great trips in the good weather that this summer brought – it was good to hear about those cruises in spite of feeling a tiny bit envious!  

As well as boating a huge amount of work has gone on at the sheds; amongst many, many improvements – a lot of tidying and sorting, boat and trailer moving, ground clearance and levelling and at last the crumbling roof vents removed and transparent roof panels inserted. The sheds have been transformed from when we first bought them in 2016 into light, airy, dry space for keeping boats with lots of level space outside for keeping boats. Thanks to all those who spent so many hours toiling to make the sheds better for everyone.

Committee and volunteers have also had to pay attention to boats on moorings, notably two boats found drifting having broken free from their moorings. We have drawn up a new agreement for members which we will be much stricter about to get people to stick to the letter of the law.

We continue to work with the Borough Council on the Mooring Agreement and anticipate a new agreement to be in place for the spring of 2021.

Well a massive thanks to the committee and volunteers who have done so much to keep ACBO thriving through 2020 – enjoy Christmas as much as you can and look forward to an actual boating season for 2021!!!

Keith Phillips



Alresford 1890

Just a note to let members know that the creek will be out of action for boats at the end of January from approximately 25th, for filming purposes. The film being made is set in 1890, and modern craft are unsuitable for inclusion. Boat owners that are currently on the water are being asked to remove them temporarily. Mooring holders that do not have boats on the moorings at this time are requested to delay launch until filming is over in February.
Each boat owner has been contacted regarding this, and it is hoped to be of minimal disruption to the 2021 season, as it is before most activity takes place in the creek. Boat owners with boats on moorings have already been notified by email.
Brenda McKee ( ACBO Secretary)

ACBOC Zoom quiz Monday Dec 7th

ACBO is still alive and kicking -well – alive anyway! It won’t be possible to have our usual Christmas get together with food to share or our annual dinner in January because of the dreaded COVID 19…..however with the promised Vaccine due to arrive perhaps we could do it all on our boats in July!!! I’ll bring the sausage rolls!

But fear not we are determined to have some virtual festive fun – next Monday (7th December) at 8pm. So find your funniest Christmas hat, tinsel or whatever you fancy, pull up a mince pie and glass of sherry, grab a pen and piece of paper and join us for the ACBO Festive quiz hosted by none other than ….drum Roll… Bernie Hetherington!

We will send out the link for the Zoom quiz over next weekend.

December Social Meeting

With the current restrictions in place and the continuing uncertainty over Covid restrictions in the future The next social meeting will be online via zoom.

December 7th All members welcome and there will be a quiz. An email will go out nearer the time with the zoom link.

Covid 19 Update November 2020

The most recent restrictions due to Covid that have been announced by the government are going to affect activity at the ACBOC boatsheds.

The kitchen area will be out of use with the exception of hand washing. Please bring any refreshment you need with you.

A notice will go up on the shed doors to remind members that:
1) You should only travel to do essential work or check on your boat .
2) If you are at the sheds you should practice the social distancing from others that has been advised by the government. This means no meeting in groups.
3) You must respect space around other shed users that may be there.
4) Please wash your hands regularly and where possible wipe down locks and doors that may have been touched.

Regards Brenda McKee ( ACBOC Secretary)

Social meetings

Just to let you know that this Monday 5th October, there will not be a social meeting. Wivenhoe sailing club is unable to host us with the current lockdown rules, and we will let you know when our monthly meetings will start up again.



Please understand the importance of checking the underwater parts of your moorings. Not just at the start of the season, but also during the season.

Chains wear and corrode, and ropes chafe and fray. One boat broke free during the storm last Friday, With the storm season approaching it is concerning, that moorings may not have been checked or refurbished recently.